We want all hall users and volunteers to be safe while at Henderson Hall and to minimise risks associated with the transmission of covid-19, everyone must abide by the latest Welsh Government Health Protection (Coronavirus Restrictions) (No.5) (Wales) Regulations 2020.

This includes understanding the Hall's own risk assessment and special conditions for hall hire as outlined below. 


                                                                  Covid-19 risk assessment  



Area or people at risk

Actions to mitigate risk

hard surfaces including door handles and tables become infected by people carrying the virus all hall users

special conditions of hire are communicated to all Hall users

regular cleaning of door handles, light switches, window catches, tables and chairs and regular thorough cleaning of Hall.

PPE provided for the Hall Cleaner, Caretaker and Volunteers

Government issued QR code on display for hall users 

hand sanistiser, cleaning products and paper towel available

the virus is transmitted through proximity to others 


all hall users
Hall hirers are reminded of the importance of physical distancing

inadequate ventilation risks virus transmission
all hall users
ventilation requirements agreed and outlined below in the special conditions



                                                                                   Special conditions for Hall hire

1. The hirer is responsible for ensuring those attending the activity permitted under the current Regulations stated in The Health Protection (Coronavirus Restrictions) (No.5) (Wales) Regulations 2020  comply with the COVID-19 Secure Guidelines while entering and occupying the hall. Including following the areas for minimising risk of infection as stated in the Regulations. 

2. By hiring the Hall, you agree to comply with the actions identified in the hall’s risk assessment 

3. The hall will be cleaned before you arrive and unless agreed otherwise you will be responsible for cleaning all regularly used surfaces during your period of hire (including tables, wash hand basins, door handles) using either the products supplied or your own ordinary domestic products.

4. You will make sure that everyone likely to attend your activity or event understands that they MUST NOT DO SO if they or anyone in their household has had COVID-19 symptoms in the last 7 days, and that if they develop symptoms within 7 days of visiting the premises they MUST use the Test, Track and Trace system to alert others with whom they have been in contact 

5. You will ensure the Hall is well ventilated by opening windows and doors during your Hall hire and ensuring they are closed at the end of your use of the Hall.

6. You will ensure that no more than 30 people attend your activity/event, in order that social distancing can be maintained. If you are hiring the hall for a wedding celebration, the maximum number of attendees will be agreed with the Booking Secretary.  The number of people in the Hall’s smaller rooms should be limited to ensure the maintenance of social distancing.  You will ensure that everyone attending maintains 2m social distancing while waiting to enter the premises, observes a one-way system within the premises, and as far as possible observes social distancing of 1m plus mitigation measures when using more confined areas (e.g. moving and stowing equipment, accessing toilets) which should be kept as brief as possible. You will make sure that no more than [e.g. two] people use the toilets at one time.

7.Hall users should be reminded of the importance of physically distancing from others to reduce the risk of virus transmission. 

8. You will be responsible for the disposal of all rubbish created during your hire, including tissues and cleaning cloths taking all rubbish away with you when you leave the hall.

9. The Hall Committee reserves the right to close the hall if there are safety concerns relating to COVID-19, for example, if someone who has attended the hall develops symptoms and thorough cleansing is required or if it is reported that the Special Hiring Conditions above are not being complied with, whether by you or by other hirers, or in the event that public buildings are asked or required to close again. If this is necessary, we will do our best to inform you promptly and you will not be charged for this hire.

If you have any queries or concerns about this risk assessment email